The Council of Mallorca today presented its ‘Commitment to Responsible Tourism in Mallorca’, at the World Travel Market in London. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Council of Mallorca this week presented its ‘Commitment to Responsible Tourism in Mallorca’, at the World Travel Market in London, a manifesto that aims to be “a starting point for a change in the model of promotion and positioning of Mallorca abroad” and that will be implemented during this legislature.

The presentation was made by the president of the Council of Mallorca, Llorenç Galmés, accompanied by the island councillor for Tourism and president of the Mallorca Tourism Foundation (FMT), José Marcial Rodríguez, and the director of Tourism for Demand and Hospitality and vice-president and director of the FMT, Susanna Sciacovelli.

Galmés explained that this is a manifesto that represents “a new perspective in the strategic design of tourism in Mallorca and involves all elements of the sector, as well as residents and tourists visiting the island”.

At the presentation Galmés stressed that “as the global travel landscape evolves, so must the approach to tourism, and this manifesto is a proposal for a change in the model of promotion, communication and brand management”.

“The Commitment will help Mallorca to keep its reputation as one of the best destinations in the Mediterranean intact,” he said.

The island’s councillor for tourism stressed that it is a plan for “positioning towards the future that will emphasise two fundamental areas, on the one hand, branding and, on the other, promotional content”.

Rodríguez indicated that it is a “repositioning” of the brand that recognises “the importance of sustainability and responsible travel practices”, with the intention of “not only preserving Mallorca’s natural beauty and cultural treasures, but also for ensuring the long-term prosperity of the island and the well-being of local communities”.

“The Commitment is established as a reference point for the message abroad for anyone visiting Mallorca, but it also links the social fabric of the island and its purpose is to establish a conscious coexistence of tourists and residents, based on a common awareness and a unique reference point, which is that Mallorca is a privileged island that we must all contribute to protect,” he added.

This also implies, Rodríguez stressed, that efforts to promote the destination, provide it with greater quality and position it in an increasingly competitive and global market, “must be supported by a change in the promotional model that allows Mallorca to be seen from the outside as a place where responsible tourism is predominant”.

On the other hand, the island’s head of tourism said that the manifesto also aims to “embrace a more sustainable and responsible future for tourism” in Mallorca, something that requires “close collaboration with local and international institutions, with long-standing tourism partners and with the support of visitors and residents”.

The manifesto has already received the support of the UK’s main tourism agents and operators, and in recent weeks the island’s tourism department has been making contact with the main interlocutors to present the initiative to them.

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), through its executive director, Natalia Bayona, was the first entity to sign the ‘Mallorca Responsible Tourism Commitment’.
With the public presentation and the first signatures, this Commitment has begun a trajectory that will be nurtured by strategic actions to, as the main document indicates, carry out “a transformative journey towards a brighter and more sustainable future for Mallorca’s tourism industry”.

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The Commitment is based on four key objectices:
Responsible Tourism protects our natural resources, and seeks to minimize environmental impacts in Mallorca.

Responsible Tourism nurtures local communities, heritage, culture, traditions and supports the economic prosperity of Mallorca.

Responsible Tourism is the co-existence of residents and visitors living and at the same time enjoying Mallorca.

Responsible Tourism is a joint responsibility of the public and private sector, residents and visitors to protect Mallorca for future generations to come.

Our Responsible Tourism Pledge:

1. Mallorca is our temporary home, let’s take care of it as our own: Keep Mallorca clean: pick up waste and preserve its beauty.
Do not leave waste in the environment; keep it with you until you find designated spaces for recycling. If you come across litter on the beach or street, even if it’s not yours, pick it up to promote social awareness of the island’s cleanliness.

2. Appreciate and Protect, Nature will reflect: Let’s show our love for Mother Nature that made Mallorca what it is today by celebrating the stunning landscapes she has gifted us and working together to protect them. Please play your part in keeping our hiking trails and coastlines clean.
When hiking, stick to the designated paths to avoid harming delicate ecosystems. Show respect for the rich biodiversity by refraining from stepping on or uprooting local plants and by not disturbing the native wildlife. Together, we can ensure that our natural wonders thrive for generations to come!

3. Leave only footprints of unforgettable memories: Limit your ecological footprint. To minimize your ecological impact, be mindful of your water and energy usage during your stay. Opt for sustainable transportation choices like walking, cycling, public transportation, or using electric vehicles to get around. When selecting accommodations and services, prioritize those that have sustainable practices in place. By doing so, we can enjoy our time here while also taking care of the singular environment for future generations.

4. Local matters: Buy, Consume, Live Local: Taste the island’s diverse culinary delights and show your support for local farmers by opting for homegrown products. Explore the abundance of flavours unique to our region and help sustain our island’s markets. By purchasing handmade crafts and local goods, you’re not only treating yourself but also bolstering the island’s economy and the thriving and well-being of local communities.

5. “Observe marine life: Take only Photos, Kill Nothing but Time.” Observe marine life: While enjoying the underwater wonders, please refrain from interacting, touching or harming coral and marine species. Whether you’re diving, snorkelling, or partaking in water activities, remember not to disrupt our marine inhabitants. Appreciate the beauty of our seagrass meadows and marine species without causing harm. Let’s all do our part in preserving our precious marine ecosystem. When sailing, safeguard the posidonia meadows by avoiding anchoring near them.

6. Rs to save the environment; Reuse, reduce and recycle. Let’s Be Great: Reducing, Recycling and Cutting Plastic Waste! Join us in the mission to reduce plastic consumption and waste. Carry a reusable water bottle and opt for eco-friendly products to help decrease the use of plastic packaging and goods. Let’s make recycling a habit by properly sorting organic waste (blue), packaging (yellow), paper and cardboard (blue), and glass (green).
Together, we can make a positive impact on our environment and the health of the island and the planet.

7. “Communities at heart. Glocal Guests: Global Tourist, Local Heart.” Care for our shared home and respect the local communities: Let’s nurture our common home and show respect to the local communities. Keep in mind that this is your temporary shared space, so please ensure your vacation doesn’t disrupt your neighbours. Take the time to learn and appreciate norms of coexistence and the local culture with kindness and respect.

8. “A wonderful destination to live in and, at the same time, visit and enjoy”. Aid Support and collaborate to protect the qualities that make Mallorca a wonderful place to live and, at the same time, to visit: Share and join our Responsible Tourism Pledge. Your voice matters. Thanks!
Share your feedback and suggestions to enhance our sustainable practices and make Mallorca an even more special and sustainable place, visit