Jeff Bezos's new super yacht in the Bay of Palma. | Joan Llado

It’s been one long summer cruise for billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos who also found time to get engaged to his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez since they sail from Palma in May.

The third richest man in the world, took possession of the 500 million dollar Kudos in the Bay of Palma, in the middle of May.
Bezos and Sanchez flew to the island by private jet and then boarded a helicopter which took them out to the yacht.
Bezos was seen kissing his girlfriend on deck shortly after their arrival.

With a net worth of US$125 billion as of April 2023, Bezos is the third-wealthiest person in the world and was the wealthiest from 2017 to 2021, according to both the Bloomberg Billionaires Index and Forbes.

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Koru is a luxury custom superyacht. The vessel was built in the Netherlands by Oceanco starting in 2021, and delivered in April 2023. It is a three-masted sailing yacht 127 meters (417 ft) long and reported to have cost $500 million or more. When commissioned, the yacht was the second-largest sailing yacht in the world, after Andrey Melnichenko’s Sailing Yacht A.

In 2022, Rotterdam announced that the city’s historic De Hef bridge would be partially dismantled, temporarily, to allow the yacht to pass through. This move was very controversial because the bridge is a Dutch national monument owing to its long history.

Despite at that, Bezos has been making the most of his new yacht.
According to Insider, the latest stop on his summer cruise with his fiancée was Croatia and they were joined by some A-list friends.

Bezos and Sanchez were recently seen enjoying the summer weather with Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, and Usher, according to photos published in People. Bezos, Sanchez, Perry, Bloom, and Usher were photographed walking around Dubrovnik, Croatia, according to the report, a coastal city known for being a filming location for “Game of Thrones.”