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Sam in Son Vida, which he said reminded him of Beverly Hills.


Sam Asghari: Bridging cultures and creating opportunities in Mallorca’s vibrant film scene

Asghari is committed to giving back, particularly by nurturing future film projects, some of which may feature Mallorca as a filming location.

Humphrey Carter19/02/2024 11:55


Bond star Mads Mikkelsen joins the board of the Mallorca International Film Festival

"I will do it, I love Mallorca and this is a great festival", the actor responded to Lipski's offer.

MDB Digital12/01/2024 14:03


From Tom Cruise to Daniel Craig: Fancy being part of a Mallorca stunt team?

“Before I knew it, I was working with the likes of Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds in Safe House. I got to have a fight with Denzel and kill him.”

Humphrey Carter12/01/2024 12:15

Mads Mikkelsen presenting his new film The Promised Land and the Portixol Hotel.

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James Bond villain and the face of Carlsberg would love to film in Mallorca

"I love the ocean, the mountains, the people, the food, the weather and cycling here, it’s a beautiful island and I would love to film here."

Humphrey Carter21/10/2023 11:35

Daniel Craig's Bond should have retired in Mallorca.


Daniel Craig’s James Bond was due to have retired in Mallorca

Mallorca could have played a big role in the end of James Bond.

Humphrey Carter18/01/2023 12:59

Much location work for Sword of Honour, starring Daniel Craig, was in Mallorca


007´s starring role in Mallorca before Bond

Various locations were used for filming Sword of Honour in 2000.

Andrew Ede23/10/2022 16:10