Mark Zuckerberg's new super yacht Launchpad off Camp de Mar. | Ian Rice


Has Mark Zuckerberg finally arrived in Mallorca to enjoy his new birthday gift? The 300 million dollar mega-yacht Launchpad and her 30 million dollar support vessel Wingman moored up in Palma’s Club de Mar last week but today (Thursday), Launchpad is moored off Camp de Mar in the shelter of the bay after two days of storms and heavy rain.

Plus, there is one new addition, a helicopter, which was not on the yacht’s helipad when she was in Palma so somebody has gone aboard and it could well be the new owner Mark Zuckerberg and his family. Recent reports in the press in the United States claim that he is planning a summer cruise in the Mediterranean.

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What is more, Zuckerberg has tried to keep the yachts movement’s secret by having the yacht’s mandatory location transponders turned off. But, the yacht’s arrival in Palma gave the game away.
According to, both of his yachts turned off their AIS back in May when left Florida heading south towards Jamaica. Launchpad left Panama on May 22 and arrived in Gibraltar with Wingman in tow on June 4, perhaps to refuel. But, when the yachts moored in Palma’s Club de Mar in Palma they gave the game away.

Launchpad’s onboard amenities are luxurious and extensive, including a helicopter, beach club area, beauty center, cinema-theatre, Jacuzzis, and a solarium on its teak decks. The vessel boasts oceanic navigation autonomy, can reach speeds of 24 knots, and is equipped with advanced features like geolocation anchoring and underwater lighting.  

The yacht, made by the prestigious Feadship shipyard in the Netherlands, was delivered to Zuckerberg right around his birthday and the daily upkeeping costs around the ship stands at around $80,000 a day while the expected running costs through the year can be around 10% of the total value of the ship. A small price to pay, Zuckerberg currently ranks as the fourth-richest person in the world with an estimated net worth of $167 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.