The debate over more winter flights continues but there doesn´t appear to be an easy solution. The bottom-line, unfortunately, is that we expats are not travelling back to Britain enough to warrant more flights during the low season. Steps in the right direction have been made and there are probably more flights this winter than last year but they are still not enough, and according to the airlines it is our fault. The expat community on the island has declined over recent years. How many expats would want to return to Britain during the winter period? Well the answer is very few. During the Christmas period there are more flights to take festive travellers back to Britain but then nothing. Obviously, if there were more winter tourists the problem would be partly solved. But at the end of the day it is the expats who will make or break a route for the airlines over the low season. The cost of the fare is a major incentive and lower fares will mean lower travellers. But as I mentioned in this space last week Britain is now exceptionally expensive for those who have euros. I think we can still call for more flights and at the same time call on the local authorities to get their act together over winter tourism, but I sincerely doubt that the airlines are going to come to our rescue any time soon. It is a question of demand and supply and over the the winter there is little demand and this is clearly evident.