Is Father Christmas gaining ground on the Three Kings? Well, the simple answer is yes and you have television and cinema to thank for it. Traditionalists in Spain will be furious but the popularity of the Three Kings with Spanish children has taken a dive. The reason is simple. Spanish children grow up watching British and American-made cartoons and films and obviously Father Christmas is king. The timing of Christmas in the middle of the festive holidays means that parents prefer Santa because it gives children more time to play with their gifts. The Three Kings arrive on January 5 and it is back to school a few days later. Spain is changing. Black Friday and Halloween where unheard of until recently but these have now become important days on the calendar. Traditionalists will say that it is a sign of the times but others will welcome the changes. When I arrived in Spain, it was still very traditional. Father Christmas was a "foreign figure", Sunday opening was highly unusual and the festive period was all about the Three Kings. While some might lament the changes I will say it is positive. In fact I would welcome even more Sunday shop opening and even more shop sales. Spain has changed dramatically in thirty years but what is also very clear is that it can adapt to changes quickly. Spain is a different country to the one which I moved to in 1975. The dark years of General Franco have been forgotten and Spain has become a modern European country.