If Prime Minister David Cameron had secured a deal from the European Union in which God Save The Queen became the new European anthem, certain sections of his own party would still have said that it wasn´t enough. I would say that Britain and the European Union are moving in the right direction and at least the EU appears to want Britain to remain a member. The EU has made important concessions to Britain: not enough for many Eurosceptics, but they can have their say in the forthcoming referendum. David Cameron shouldn´t wait; the referendum should take place sooner rather than later. I think this round of negotiations has proved that the EU is prepared to fight to keep Britain as a member. I did think that Cameron would get nowhere and Britain would have been quietly shown the door. The next step is for both camps to explain in detail why they believe that Britain should stay/or leave the European Union. If Britain goes, what are the consequences not only for the British economy but for the hundreds of thousands of expats who live in Spain? I have my doubts that Britain can stand alone: times have changed and Europe remains Britain´s biggest export market. Many firms have invested in Britain solely because Britain is a member of the European Union. Would they go if Britain left? Plenty of unanswered questions which need an answer. This is a big decision which can´t be taken lightly.