There are many great ideas which come across the Atlantic but I do not think that Black Friday is one of them. In the US it obviously works: shop sales after the Thanksgiving holiday, it is like the Boxing Day sales in the UK. But I can´t understand why there is such a frenzy over Black Friday in Europe and Majorca. Why couldn't Europe think up its own version of Black Friday?

Obviously the timing does play a part. Just a few weeks before Christmas and you have fantastic bargains on offer, but still. You would have thought that European retaliers could have thought up their own Black Friday idea without having to copy a US one. And full credit to the person across the Atlantic who dreamed up the idea because it continues to go from strength to strength and even small retailers in Majorca are now heavily involved. But it doesn't say much for Europe.

US retailers are blamed for most things in Europe from the popularity of giving gifts at Christmas to even Valentine's Day cards. In Europe we haven't got a leg to stand on, because we copy the idea as soon as it appears. But I have a novel idea for shopkeepers in Majorca: why not have a Black Friday sales period during the summer months when there are thousands of tourists about who would like to cash in on some discounted items? At the moment, though, Black Friday is here to stay and full marks to the person responsible in the US.