British tourists are returning to Tunisia, Turkey is on the rise; these are reports which should concern the Balearics. I suspect that local politicians know that the record seasons of the last two years are now a thing of the past. I have heard it said on numerous occasions that the island can’t take any more tourists, which is politician-speak to indicate that we can expect a fall in tourism. Of course, the island can take more tourists, just look at the empty resorts during the winter months.

Majorca and the Balearics are now facing competition from cheaper resorts in Turkey and north Africa. The resorts had been blacklisted because of security concerns. But they are now back in business and are threatening to give the Balearic Islands a run for their money. So, the islands should attempt to offer value for money at all times. Overall businesses on the island do, but there are some notable exceptions.

The other day I was charged 2.50 euros for a small coffee at a bar just off the Plaza España. This area has become cruise ship territory because this is where tourists from cruise ships are dropped off by coaches. Majorca can’t allow these prices. It is outrageous. One of the secrets of Majorca’s success has been its relatively low prices and obviously its warm welcome. Times are changing and Majorca needs to take into account that tourists demand value for their hard-earned cash. If it is not available, they will go elsewhere.