Incredible but true! The European Union is siding with Spain over its claim over Gibraltar. What did the British government expect? Many on the European continent believe that Britain is abandoning Europe and is pulling out of the club. So isn’t it quite normal that the European Union would side with club member Spain rather than departing member Britain? The latest twist in the Brexit nightmare involves the European Union stating that Gibraltar is a colony and the EU has put its weight behind Spain’s sovereignty claims. Well it was to be expected. All I hope is that the Gibraltarians, who voted overwhelmingly to remain part of the European Union in the referendum, are protected by the British government.

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The EU has always maintained that Britain wanted its cake and eat it. It wanted the good part of the EU but didn’t want the rest. Which is fine for a bargaining position but remember that Britain will soon be on its own and it can’t really expect much support from a body which it elected to leave. But surely everyone realised this? I sincerely believe that in British government circles no one really gave much thought to Gibraltar if Britain left the EU and this is quite evident.

Theresa May faces yet another crisis. Spain has a trump card, it is still a club member, and Britain will soon be off. So yes, the EU will be listening very carefully to Spain’s claims to the Rock. So more long negotiations ahead and yet more work for the British Embassy in Madrid. But Britain must stand firm, the people of Gibraltar deserve it.