A Dutch government official was quoted as saying that he couldn't understand how a nation which once administered a third of the world couldn't sort out Brexit in two years. It is a sad state of affairs that after 24 months of Brexit negotiations a deal is still not in sight. I think the time has come for some radical action before Britain becomes the laughing stock of the world and the economy is badly damaged. Firstly, Theresa May should resign. She has my sympathy and if awards were given for effort she would win first prize, but unfortunately we are judged on results and she has failed. She no longer has control over her own party and parliament is in rebellion. She was wrong to do a deal with the DUP and was wrong not to reach out to other parties in parliament before the Brexit negotiations.

Secondly, May's final act as prime minister should be to call a general election and allow a second referendum. Parliament has failed miserably and the British public should be able to have their say. It is a time for a change. Thirdly, once the general election has taken place and a new leader in place then there should be a second referendum. The reason for a second public vote is because MPs have failed miserably on all elements of Brexit. While MPs talk of the national interest they should be more concerned about the impact the Brexit nightmare is having on the British economy.

The time has come for some radical action because otherwise there is a danger that Britain will be stuck in the Brexit nightmare for years to come. And that would be a disaster.