Scottish nationalists are busy underlining their European credentials and their wish for Scotland to remain in the European Union. But their dream of being at the heart of Europe could end in a nightmare.

If an independent Scotland is given the green light to join the European Union then an independent Catalonia would expect similar treatment. Would Spain allow an independent Scotland into the European Union? Well, probably not because it would just further fan the flames of independence in Catalonia. This region of Spain is still demanding a referendum on independence similar to the one that former Prime Minister David Cameron gave Scotland in 2014.

I listened to the leader of the Scottish nationalists in the British parliament, Ian Blackburn, yesterday on Breakfast TV and he did make a case for a second independence vote. I like Ian Blackburn, he does appear to be a sensible and sincere politician but surely the Scottish Nationalists have to realise that they can´t continue to have referendums until they get the result that they want.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pointed out that more people voted for Brexit in Scotland than for the Scottish nationalists. Whatever, Blackburn may say, there is support for Brexit in Scotland so the political landscape north of the border is not as clear as the Scottish nationalists might think. Like the United Kingdom as a whole, Scotland is divided and I can´t see the nationalists bringing it together.