Palma's Christmas lights are exceptionally popular and deservedly so. But are they just too popular?

I, along with thousands of others was in the centre of Palma on Thursday night for the official switching on ceremony. I have never seen so many people. At one stage I was caught between the push of the crowd and to be honest I was quite alarmed. I think the Palma council should reconsider their policing plan for next year.

There should have been more officers on duty, not just controlling the traffic but the crowd as well. Also, perhaps the time has come for the city council to establish Christmas light viewing areas, I think the days when people can just wander from one area to another should be reconsidered because of the sheer numbers involved.

Imagine if an area, which was properly cordoned off , was set-up in the Paseo del Borne with a police presence. This would have made the whole experience alot more enjoyable for many because I don´t think people were too impressed with the organisation this year. In fact, I have seen a large number of complaints on Facebook from people who attended and were quite shocked at the numbers. I know of one British woman who returned home in tears after being caught in the crowds at the end of the Jaime III.

The fact that the switching on of the Christmas lights coincided with the start of Black Friday should have had alarm bells ringing at City hall. Looking ahead to the Three Kings Parade the council should be aware that the scenes which many witnessed at the Christmas lights switch on can`t be repeated.