At one of the new five star boutique hotels overlooking the Bay of Palma yesterday the all important Hoteliers Federation held their annual reception for the media. It was an upbeat event. President Maria Frontera has done an excellent job in stewarding the federation through some difficult time this year from the collapse of Thomas Cook to Brexit. I like her style.

When some elements of the tourist industry are busy number crunching, her message is always the same, tell the world that the sun is shining on Majorca and the warm is welcome. Some could say that it was an old style message but it is certainly relevant. Frontera, in her speech, said that the British market had remained strong this year and said she was looking for a “Brexit Bounce” next year with a forecast stronger sterling and “Brexit Feel Good Factor” encouraging more people to come on holiday to the Balearics.

Since Boris Johnson´s election landslide on Thursday the Balearic tourist industry has been more upbeat. Infact, if Brexit does lead to a stronger sterling then Spain could be laughing all the way to the bank.

The one complaint that British tourists have about Majorca is that it is becoming too expensive especially compared to holiday destinations in the eastern Mediterranean. A strong sterling would certainly help this state of affairs. It is incredible the change in attitude. The British were in the dog house over Brexit but now they appear to be top dogs once again...well at least for the moment.


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Jeremy / Hace over 2 years

OSN: Were you the one predicting that Trump would start WW 3 the week after he was elected ?


OSN / Hace over 2 years

It's probably worth pointing out that the appreciation in the value of sterling and the uptick in UK share indices settled back down to their previous levels less than 4 days after the election. There is no predicted rise in the value of sterling next year, quite the reverse as most independent predictions expect a fall in GDP in all Brexit scenarios. ... but if they are all wrong then a strong pound does make Mallorca a little bit cheaper, but it has the same effect for all of Mallorca's competitors too. I think these were just upbeat words, singing to the choir, with no actual evidence to support them.