"Boris Johnson gets coronavirus after initially ruling out lockdown," screamed a headline in one of Spain' s national newspapers yesterday.

The view in Spain is that Britain has been rather "relaxed" when it comes to the coronavirus; introducing a lockdown much later than other European countries and allowing commuters to get on to crowded tube trains.

One cab driver told me that as a result of Britain's attitude, British tourists should be asked to show a clean bill of health before they enter Spain at the end of the lockdown.

The fact that Boris Johnson is still Prime Minister even though he is in self-isolation has also been a talking point in Spain over the last 24 hours. Johnson should step down temporarily. It is obvious that he is not in a fit state to run Britain at a time of the biggest crisis in recent history. Yes, he can run Britain from his office in Downing Street but at the moment it is more a question of reassuring the public that everything is being done and I suspect the Great British public want to know that the government has got everything under control and Johnson is leading from the front. This is not the case; the Prime Minister's ability to function as a team leader has been reduced whatever he says.

Johnson should step down at once and return to the top job when he recovers. Britain, in this hour of need, deserves a leader similar to the man that Johnson tries to model himself on, the great Winston Churchill. A leader, despite all the restrictions which have been introduced, needs to be visible and in charge and Johnson is not.


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Steve Riches / Hace about 1 year

Mark (below) - Who "Took your country back"? It'a a ridiculous meaningless phrase - UNLESS you mean you are happy to now be significantly isolated from one of the biggest tariff-free trading blocs in the world when we implement Brexit? BUT that's not taking anything back - it's juat giving away a whole set of freedoms and trading advantages.


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

Maybe your taxi driver should have a column in the MDB? Seems to be your first (and only) port of call for referencing what the “Great” Mallorcan public think.


Jaime / Hace about 1 year

You say "It is obvious that he is not in a fit state to run Britain". Substitute "a fit person" for "in a fit state", and you will be absolutely correct.


Roger / Hace about 1 year

Dear Mr Editor....Generally I regard your viewpoints as being balanced / neutral...On this occasion you are either being intentionally provocative or you are just pure stupid....Whilst it is not ideal for any country to have its political leader incapacitated in full or in part, your personal views (if that is what they are) do nothing to promote and support the international effort.


BRIAN FOX / Hace about 1 year

Boris Johnson has done magnificently and is still functioning without any adverse performance or criticism. Regarding lockdown, we were told to stay home, keep 6 ft apart, wash our hand and avoid touching our faces. 95%+ did so. It was finally necessary to lockdown because of the inconsiderate 5%. I would suggest that you should apply yourself to comprehensive reporting of the situation in Mallorca. There is a paucity of factual reporting in the Bulletin. No obvious mention of the number of elderly people found dead in their beds having been deserted by their carers. I wish everyone the best of luck and to keep safe.


STAN / Hace about 1 year

I understand BO-JO Went around a Hospital Ward of Virus-infected Patients SHAKING THEIR HANDS !!!!.


John Parkinson / Hace about 1 year

Yes got it wrong in the beginning trying to be to accommodating to the public. Hopefully now the lesson has been learnt. However to suggest Johnson stands down when will only be self isolating for max 15 days does not make sense as whoever stood in would still take professional advice from the same people. No doubt it the U.K. will follow other countries with the numbers of sick and deaths so yes we will ask for guidance but we will make our decisions. The silly comments from the taxi driver seems to miss the point .It is very ,very doubtful that restrictsions will be lifted for the summer and even if they are I am sure fellow visitors to your island will not be rushing to get on the planes and would prefer to wait to 2021 to make sure Spain is free of the virus.Your beautiful island relies on tourism,full stop. Stay safe and good luck for your economy


MelB / Hace about 1 year

You pompous ass


Brett Dennis / Hace about 1 year

Stop Boris bashing! He may be PM but the country is run by the cabinet and civil servants. You have in previous editorials clearly nailed your colours to the mast, try as a senior journalist to take a more neutral stance, we are not all Labour supporters.


Malcolm Smith / Hace about 1 year

It's not often that I agree with your comments Jason, but on this occasion I fully agree with you!