I think the Spanish government should start publishing their lockdown exit strategy because there are plenty of mixed messages at the moment and their fears that the summer season will never really get underway this year.

There doesn´t appear to be any end in sight for the lockdown so far in Spain as the cases continue to rise but the rate of infection slows. But obviously there are serious concerns about the economic implications of not having a summer season this year.

The Balearic government says that the season could start in August but on a small scale. But then the central administration in Madrid said that life would not be back to normal again until the end of the year. I suspect that the season will start when the local government says so with the Balearics pulling away from lockdown quicker than the rest of the country because there have been fewer cases.

But there will be social distancing on beaches and a whole range of additional measures to ensure that tourists and residents stay safe. With so many businesses closed the government should at least be giving their views on how and possibly when things will return to normal and what safety measures will remain in place. This is a nightmare state of affairs for the Balearics because if it is forced to abandon the peak holiday season then the implications for the islands´ economy will be enormous. Careful planning is certainly needed and the government should start giving us information on their exit strategy.