There was a school of thought that as soon as the lockdown ended tourists would be jumping on planes and heading to the islands for their holidays. This was obviously wishful thinking and now the Balearic government is saying that the holiday season may not get underway until August and it will be a slow start. Just 50 percent of hotels on the island will open.

Tourists are also going to need an incentive to travel once the coronavirus danger has eased. The simple solution is to scrap the tourist tax for this summer. Unfortunately, the Balearics will not be able to dictate terms this season and they will need every tourist they can get.

I suspect that if the Balearic government makes this gesture it will be well received by tourists who, like everyone, will be feeling the economic pinch of the coronavirus. People employed by the tourist industry are going through a tough time at the moment with the industry at a standstill but it must be remembered that the German and British tourists who could be heading to the islands this summer are in the same boat, economically speaking and they would welcome any money saving move.

The tourist tax was introduced at a time when the Balearic tourist industry was riding on the crest of the wave. There were no real complaints from holidaymakers because the Balearics was considered a safe haven destination compared to those in the eastern Mediterranean, where there were security concerns. Times have changed. Resorts across the world will be pitching for tourists and competition will be fierce. Scrap the tax and welcome the tourists.


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Jason / Hace about 1 year

Hotel with people in one area touching everything or holiday rental with your family, what would you choose even with the tourists tax scrapped we have not got enough holiday rentals anymore to support the economy in these unprecedented times !


Phil / Hace about 1 year

Its irrelevant no one coming here this year. Why would you put yourself through the hassle of being tested at origin and Palma airport, paying three times more for flights (albeit with empty middle seats), then going to a hotel where you have to be 2 metres away from everyone, so cant talk to other guests or go in the pool. Then when you go to a restaurant, there are plastic screens the menu is via an app and someone in a mask serves you. Call me stupid, but why would anyone do that?


Son Fe Mick / Hace about 1 year

With respect this idea makes no sense. Neither did your idea to have the boat show in September or whenever. There can be no tourism until we have a vaccine. And even then the coming recession is going to decimate many peoples financial wellbeing. A small tax break is irrelevant. Mass tourism is a thing of the past


Iude / Hace about 1 year

So a reduction of a minimal amount on your holiday will help? Get real