British citizens will be allowed to travel to Spain next week so in theory the Spanish tourist industry is open for business for the British. But, the British government wants all returning and arriving travellers in Britain to self isolate so in theory your 7 day Majorcan break last for 21 days! While the rest of Europe is opening up Britain is closing down. Take Spain. Spain has a lower level of the coronavirus than Britain which now has the highest level in Europe.

So why is Britain asking for returning British travellers to isolate when they are coming back from a country which in theory is safer than Britain? Also, if all the necessary checks are carried out and safety and health guidelines are followed holiday firm bosses say that you can enjoy a safe holiday abroad. So, is it time for Britain to think again about the self isolation period? It does appear to be rather odd. If anything Spain should be asking British tourists to self-isolate on the island when they arrive because of the higher number of cases in Britain.

Thankfully, Majorca does have a large group of loyal holidaymakers and they will wait for their island break. But for the British market the peak season will be limited to just a month with schools returning in late August and the first holiday flights not expected before July 15. There are plenty of mixed messages regarding the travel industry at the moment but the time has come for the British government to have a rethink.