You would have thought that a worldwide health alert would have brought the world further together; a united stand against a common enemy in this case the coronavirus.
But no, in fact the world is probably more split now than it was three months ago.

The United States of Donald Trump stands very much alone….if anyone had doubts about the U.S. President they have certainly been confirmed over the last 90 days. Even his supporters are wondering whether he is fit for purpose.

Another leader who is standing alone is Boris Johnson and with the high rate of infection in Britain, Johnson will be standing alone for a while or at least at two metres. On continental Europe, only now is the European Union starting to play a role in the coronavirus fallout. Until recently member countries were standing alone introducing legislation which was in the national interest rather than the European interest. And this home alone stance is evident across the globe. Little joint effort.

This was an opportunity for the United Nations or even the European Union to shine.
But no. The world is living through one of the biggest crises of recent years and we are doing it on our own. Shame, but that is the truth.