IS it me or do we appear to be on the verge of another lockdown? The Balearic government keeps on introducing new restrictions, the latest includes early doors for bars, restaurants and even shopping centres.

What next? We won’t be able to travel to certain parts of the island and an “area lockdown” will be introduced, is the rumour at the moment. I understand that the Balearic government has to juggle the need for public safety and health and the fact that we are in the middle of the festive season. However, I am sure that the majority of people would prefer a complete lockdown now rather than the continued introduction of new restrictions.

The fact that you can’t go to a bar or restaurant in the evening or a shopping centre at the weekend is a clear example of the continued crackdown by the local authorities.

The arrival of the vaccine has brought some cheer but so far there doesn’t appear to be any light at the end of the tunnel. The restrictions which have been introduced don’t appear to be working and the number of cases continues to steadily rise.

Mallorcans are doing what they are told, but there is some stupidity. I was in one supermarket last Wednesday and it was packed. In fact, it was so busy staff couldn’t keep up with the demand. Perhaps, the Balearic government should be looking at ways to control shops or at least try and limit numbers. It is difficult I know, but at the moment we are staring lockdown in the face.


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Rich / Hace 11 months

As I have predicted many times we are heading towards covid camps where the infected will be cocentrated and forced to be inoculated and tagged. WATCH THIS SPACE.


Ana López / Hace 11 months

NO Jason, I can assure you that the majority of people definitely would NOT prefer a complete lockdown. The majority of people are depending of having a work to go to, food on their table, that their business will survive and the government needs tax money in order for the hospitals to continue to run. Also the damaging psychological effects of being locked up makes me wonder “who are we saving” ?

With red to the quote by Jason “ I am sure that the majority of people would prefer a complete lockdown now rather than the continued introduction of new restrictions”


Lynn / Hace 11 months

Shortening the opening hours of shops just increases the number of shoppers there are. just been in a supermarket today and it was scary, people pushing, long queues at the tills and dirty wheelie baskets. Absolute mayhem.


Rich / Hace 11 months

The only thing that will bring infections down is a full lockdown. It's time we all accepted that the mallorcan economy has been destroyed and we must now invest in goat and sheep farming. The EU is not going to bale out spain again.