POLITICIANS should measure their words. Imagine the hard-hit British tourist industry listening to government ministers telling the public not to book their summer holidays...they must feel like throwing in the towel. Granted at the moment, the situation is complicated and with much of Britain in lockdown and much of Spain, also.

But who is to say that the situation will not change in a few months? There is reason to be hopeful; the vaccine is coming on line and governments across the world are working to try and get the tourist industry moving again. Safety is obviously key. The President of the Majorcan Hoteliers Federation, Maria Frontera, said that everyone should unite to ensure that people would be able to enjoy their holidays in safety. Of course, she is right. What Majorca can’t do at the moment is throw in the towel.

The tourist industry must be ready to respond once the situation improves and people are able to travel. I am glad to see that despite warnings from British ministers 50 percent of those surveyed in a Bulletin online poll said that they would still be booking their break in the sun to Mallorca. The travel industry has been devastated by the coronavirus but there is hope that things will improve. Before making any statement politicians should think about the repercussions their statement will have. Telling people not to book their holiday is just another nail in the coffin of the all-important travel industry.