HOW much would it cost the local authorities to buy 40 minutes of prime time TV on BBC1? You just couldn’t do it because it is simply priceless. All this week The Mallorca Files is offering the island some fantastic promotion. While not everyone particular likes the programme everyone agrees that it shows the island in a fantastic light. So why aren’t the local authorities using the programme or all the publicity surrounding it to promote Mallorca? It is not rocket science, they should be telling anyone who will listen about the merits of this programme and how fantastic the island looks. This is a golden opportunity which sadly will be lost.

Yes, the local authorities have made some attempts to get involved but not alot. At the moment everyone is talking about when and if the holiday season will finally start. These are difficult times. When the season does start Majorca will be facing stiff competition from holiday resorts across the Mediterranean. The local authorities should be promoting the island now not later. Later might be too late. The Mallorca Files offers a golden opportunity. The tourist industry have said that the island should be ready when restrictions are eased. There has been little or no promotion of the island during the pandemic. The local authorities decided to stop all promotional activity. I don’t think that this was a wise move. Promotion is always needed. Thankfully, the island has The Mallorca Files.