IT must be a nightmare if you are a boss of one of the leading British travel companies. You spend the whole day trying to explain to anyone who will listen that you hope that the summer season will take place and that you are confident that the industry will recover. You get up the next day only to discover that a British minister is on Breakfast TV telling everyone not to book their summer holidays! So all the hard work you did the day before is outdated at once. Telling people not to book their summer holiday is abit over the top...because who knows what can happen in the next four to five months.

Granted that the British government has to be cautious and public health comes first but really they should think about the damage to the travel industry before they open their mouths. At the moment, and after watching Breakfast TV, the majority of Britons have come to the conclusion that they will not be coming on holiday this year. So for the British travel industry it is a question of thank you and goodnight! I do seriously believe that the British government needs to help the travel industry.

They should back plans for the vaccine passport and give their support to the industry. Instead of saying “don´t book your summer holidays...” it would be better to say “for now and after consultation with the travel industry we do not recommend that you book your holiday.” End of story. That would limit the damage to the industry and at least give people some hope of a summer holiday.


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Billy Knowbend / Hace 12 months

"Because who knows what can happen in the next four to five months" -so why go to the hassle of booking a holiday then trying to get your money back when we all know that it is unlikely to go ahead? The EU, the mismanagers of the European vaccination programme say that at best 70% of the population will be vaccinated by the END of the Summer. Just be honest and admit there will be no summer season in the Balearics this year and it is nothing to do with UK politicians but the three month delay in vaccine procurement by the EU.


Stuart Mead / Hace 12 months

In the UK we now have two tiers for holidays. Hancock and Starmer can book summer holidays but the rest of us can’t. With the vaccinations going well they are putting more restrictions on us. You’ll be lucky to see any UK citizens over there for years the way our government is doing things.