In these hard times when money is tight we need all the help we can get. Another sector which needs our help is the bar and restaurant trade. So I propose a deal; reintroduce the value for money “menu del dia” on a big scale.

Sadly, since the arrival of the pandemic and the restrictions, restaurants (when they could open) have ditched the daily cut-priced menu. But this was not the case in Minorca where restaurants in Mahon had a wide range of fantastic value menus of the day. Even those on the main promenade in the Port of Mahon were offering menus costing from 12 euros to 18.

Amazing value. Palma should take note. If the tourist season finally goes ahead, holidaymakers are obviously going to be watching their pennies. Eating out in a restaurant is a luxury many will elect to scrap if they are not offered a value-for-money incentive. Here enters the menu-del-dia.

Those restaurants and bars which are open are already struggling with a shortage of clients. The unsettled weather and the fact that cash is tight has not helped. Office workers have scrapped their meals out in favour of sandwiches or a take-out, so now is the time to reintroduce the menu del dia.

And talking of value for money, I found that Mahon was about 20 percent cheaper than Palma. No-one can say it is the transportation costs because Mahon is further and has fewer resources than Palma. So, Mallorca should copy the example from Minorca...value for money will be key this summer.