CONSIDERING the Mallorcan population is used to enjoying over 300 days of sun per year, with pretty much temperature to match, although the climate has certainly changed over the past decades and the winters have become rather nippy, to say the least, the highs and lows in the weather over the past few weeks have certainly not deterred people from flocking to restaurant bars and terraces.

I know bar and restaurants want to be able to reopen interiors, especially after having being given a false start last month for ten days, but someone has got to call the Covid shots, whether they hit the targets or not.

In the meantime, in many areas of Palma, daily lunchtime trade on the terraces has been booming.

I know the Easter holidays have yet to end, but it appears to make little difference, the locals are making the most of having spent much of the past year locked away or living off office/home delivery meals.

Bars and restaurants would obviously be enjoying more trade, but at the moment, bar a handful of visitors from the mainland and overseas, they are having to depend on the local population and it is encouraging to see the resident population packing out the terraces day after day.

That said, I do think early closing should be now lifted to at least 8pm to allow the hostelry sector to recoup a bit more of its losses.