“The two jab system for travel makes perfect sence to me....”

“The two jab system for travel makes perfect sence to me....”

22-06-2021Argui Escandon

Come on Boris...give us a break! Surely, Britons who have received both jabs should be able to travel abroad with few restrictions. I don´t understand why this is even an issue. Two jabs and you go sounds good to me. The British travel industry and the Spanish tourist industry needs all the help it can get at the moment and this is a way forward.

It is not a perfect solution because the number of people who have had both jabs remains low but it would certainly be a step in the right direction and would help the travel industry. At the moment the Mallorcan tourist industry doesn´t believe it will be seeing British tourists much before August.

If the double jab legislation is introduced it could kick start the season earlier rather than later. Popular European holiday destinations for Britons, including Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Greece, are currently rated “amber”, which require returning passengers to take three COVID-19 tests and isolate for 10 days on return.

“Given the incredible efficacy of vaccines and their critical role in easing domestic restrictions, we believe that the framework can safely be adjusted to provide a pathway for vaccinated people to travel without restriction, alongside steps to reduce restrictions for green and amber categories, making them more proportionate for travellers,” the British travel industry said in a statement. It could be argued that the British government is being far too cautious and something needs to be done and fast.


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Kfir / Hace 7 months

If you follow international news, you know Israel has a small but very significant outbreak. 40% of the covid patients are fully vaccinated and are sick with the delta strain. The majority of the UK sick are with Delta. I support Boris Johnson's hesitation.


Alan / Hace 7 months

Let's be clear, being vaccinated hopefully protects you from the more serious effects of the virus if you catch it. It doesn't prevent you from catching it, and it doesn't protect anybody else from catching it from you. Therefore thinking that it somehow makes it safer to travel is nonsense, either for you or your host destination, and especially dangerous for largely unvaccinated places like Mallorca, at only 30%.. Either a thoughtless, or a selfish attitude....


TJ / Hace 7 months

Joan - meet John

I think you’ll get on


Peter / Hace 7 months

Wow, there's some Brand New Brains here, - never been used,, - and that includes the author of this article....


Joan / Hace 7 months

TJ. Who cares whether or not a tourist falls ill while they're here, they shouldn't be here, and they've been told that. It's us and our future economy that we're worried about, Yesterday we had our highest number of new cases in months, you won't "kick start" an economy by putting future lockdowns at risk. Haven't you ever listened to Boris ?


John Law / Hace 7 months

TJ. Then why do Brits think they should be able to come here, - rethink your comment mate....


TJ / Hace 7 months

John, I doubt anybody wants to spread the virus to unprotected people whenever they want… what a ridiculous comment


John Law / Hace 7 months

@Steve Riches.So you think that as long as you've had two jabs and you're protected, you should be allowed to go and spread the virus to unprotected people wherever you want ?


TJ / Hace 7 months

I think if people have had 2 jabs then they should be allowed to travel, the infection is less transmissible and they are less likely to fall ill in Mallorca and need hospital treatment, the economy needs a kick start and starting with the vaccinated is far more reasonable than opening up to all, an element of social distancing is needed until the population of Mallorca residents are vaccinated, and a common sense approach from tourists, we have to learn to live with this virus until we are in control of it fully like a flu virus, industries are dying and with are peoples homes, mental health and general state of mind, it’s time to move forward


Steve, Son Maties / Hace 7 months

@Steve Riches. I misnderstood your post, I now think that you need two jabs of common sense mate. What has a tourist's jab status got to do with going to a country that's not vaccinated. Use your head man, stop thinking of just yourself, do us a favour and stay at home...