“The two jab system for travel makes perfect sence to me....” | Argui Escandon


Come on Boris...give us a break! Surely, Britons who have received both jabs should be able to travel abroad with few restrictions. I don´t understand why this is even an issue. Two jabs and you go sounds good to me. The British travel industry and the Spanish tourist industry needs all the help it can get at the moment and this is a way forward.

It is not a perfect solution because the number of people who have had both jabs remains low but it would certainly be a step in the right direction and would help the travel industry. At the moment the Mallorcan tourist industry doesn´t believe it will be seeing British tourists much before August.

If the double jab legislation is introduced it could kick start the season earlier rather than later. Popular European holiday destinations for Britons, including Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Greece, are currently rated “amber”, which require returning passengers to take three COVID-19 tests and isolate for 10 days on return.

“Given the incredible efficacy of vaccines and their critical role in easing domestic restrictions, we believe that the framework can safely be adjusted to provide a pathway for vaccinated people to travel without restriction, alongside steps to reduce restrictions for green and amber categories, making them more proportionate for travellers,” the British travel industry said in a statement. It could be argued that the British government is being far too cautious and something needs to be done and fast.