“Beaches are busy, but there are no tourists. Roads are gridlocked...” | E.Q.

Some parts of Mallorca could be described as being packed. I was in Puerto Soller on Sunday, the beach was crowded and you couldn´t get a table in a restaurant for love nor money. There is gridlock on the island´s roads at peak times and even Palma feels that we are in the middle of the summer season. Yes, this is Mallorca in the summer, isn´t great? But there is something missing this year, something which is very important, namely tourists.

There are very few. Already, one myth has been broken. The Council of Majorca maintained that the reason that the island´s roads were grid locked was because of the large number of hired cars. Don´t think so, because the roads are still grid locked and there are few tourists. So no, tourists can´t be blamed for traffic woes because they are clearly absent this year and the beaches are still crowded and there no tourists.

So tourists can´t be blamed. I haven´t got a problem with Mallorca being crowded because at the end of the day it means that Mallorca is busy and the tourist industry is functioning well. I have a problem with those who complain about Mallorca being overcrowded but blame tourists.

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It is evidently clear that the local authorities do need to spend more cash on local roads because they can´t cope with the resident population let alone tourists. Beaches are busy in some parts, because people who live here also go to the beach. We are busiest island, a shame it is not busier, though.