“The one area which does need an overhaul is the Paseo Maritimo...” | Jason Moore


The Palma business community is furious with the city council stating: “We are ashamed of the city. It is totally abandoned, dirtier and grimier than ever, with more graffiti than ever, with a very poor public transport service, with a lack of parking.

There is disastrous maintenance of the pavements, meaning regular accidents, while there are prohibitions of all kinds and fines that only have the objective of raising revenue.” To be honest I don´t really understand what they are moaning about, Palma is and always will be a wonderful city.

Public transport is not poor, I would say that it is first class and as regards being dirty...I would say that it is one of the cleanest I have ever visited. Obviously the city does have some faults with parking being one of the major problems but this is an age-old problem which doesn´t just affect Palma but the whole island.

The change in the last two decades in the city have been enormous. Old town Palma has now become one of the most sought after places to live in Europe. The city is in good shape, I would say. The one street which, I think, is probably in need of an upgrade is the Paseo Maritimo.

This area could be so much nicer if the Palma city council could resolve the traffic situation and make it one giant pedestrian area with bars and restaurants being allowed to have terraces out on to the road. Palma was voted one of the best places to live in the world, in my opinion it still is whatever the business community says.