Sustainable tourism is the Balearic government’s mantra, I don’t think so. | - EFE


So, Balearic president Francina Armengol intends to spend 250 million euros of European funding on building the Palma tram service with work due to being in 2023, by which time she could well be out of office.

How businesses and residents living in the centre of Palma and along the proposed route of the tram feel has yet to be assessed, surely a project of this scale which is going to cause chaos in the centre of the capital, has got to be put up for public approval. Not to mention how the European Union feels about Covid recovery funds being used for projects of this kind.

I don’t believe that Palma needs a tram, if the government wants fewer cars in the city then introduce a congestion charge or create more out-of-town parking scheme, the options are endless. Turning the city centre into a giant building site for years is not the answer.
More effort should be placed on stopping the Spanish airport authority from expanding Palma airport.

Face facts. I very much doubt Mallorca will ever handle the same number of visitors and air passengers as it did in 2019 and allowing the airport expansion to go ahead goes against all the climate change rhetoric the Balearic government has been spouting forth along with the need for sustainable tourism.

None of this makes any sense to me and I fear it will do more harm than good.