“Didn´t the British government realise that there would be an exodus of EU staff after Brexit....” | MDB files


Britain had years to prepare for Brexit. Successive Prime Ministers talked for months about Brexit meaning Brexit. Brexit has come, been approved and is a reality but Britain is not prepared. Even I know that large numbers of European Union workers have left Britain since the referendum. I will give you some example:

1. The waitress who serves me coffee every morning in Palma is from the Czech Republic. She had been living and working in London but when the Brexit result was known she left for Mallorca. She has since been joined by many of her friend and former colleagues.

2. I know at least two Mallorcan nurses who have returned home from Britain because of fears over Brexit.

3. The French receptionist at a hotel I stayed at last summer left Britain two years ago and resettled in Mallorca.

Perhaps, I should have informed Number 10 because it appears that the British government was unaware that there would be an exodus of European Union staff.

Now, there is a big shortage of lorry drivers and the next problem will be a lack of people to work in hotels, bars and restaurants and lookout for a shortage of workers in the farming sector.

Yep, Brexit was what the majority of people voted for and it is the job of the British government to ensure that it was introduced (Job done) but it is also the job of the British government to ensure that the country was prepared (Job not done!).