“The biggest problem is that half of Palma´s taxis are parked up at the airport....” | MDB files

I wouldn´t say that there is a shortage of taxis in Palma but I know from personal experience that there is a distinct lack in the city centre. The biggest problem, I would say, is that a large number of taxis park up at Palma airport and wait for the big lucrative fare.

At any one time you will probably discover that at least half of all cabs in the city are at the airport, waiting. The council should limit the numbers there and ensure that there are enough cabs to cover the city. The council should also ensure that taxi ranks are properly used.

Perhaps, the council should allow taxi drivers to work when they want rather than when they are allowed to do so by the council. I am told that this year there has been an even greater demand for taxis because of the shortage and high costs of rent-a-cars. This has meant even more work for city cab drivers.

The end of the summer season has been good for them with higher takings than usual which is welcome relief after the shutdown during Covid. I think the council needs to shake up the taxi service in Palma and introduce flexible working times and procedures.

Perhaps, drivers from other areas of the island could also be allowed to pick up in Palma as long as they were returning to the municipality where they were registered.

At the moment I say that the service is not fit for purpose and something needs to be done sooner rather than later. Palma needs its taxis and they should be working like clockwork.