“It is clear that Brexit is having an impact on our daily lives in Mallorca...” | Reuters


Relatives from the UK send me parcels on a regular basis. For years, no problem, now I have to pay seven euros more, eventhough it has the same British stamp as before. Our local postman couldn´t help either, but he did grin and say Brexit! I am still investigating but at the moment it does appear that Britain´s withdrawal from the European Union is to be blame.

Also, this week I was wandering around one of the major supermarkets in Palma. It usually stocks alot of British products. I couldn´t find any. Now, it could be because of Brexit and the problems at the frontier with the European Union or perhaps British food stuffs have being taken off the shelves because of a lack of demand as a result of fewer British visitors?

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I am in the dark but I am not happy! But, there is some good news, though. I was shopping at El Corte Ingles supermarket on the Jaime III on Saturday and to my amazement I found that they were already selling mince pies! Incredible but true.

It got me thinking that while Christmas may be cancelled this year in Britain at least Mallorca would have a supply of British products!! It is becoming increasingly clear that Brexit is having an impact on our daily lives in Mallorca.

It seems incredible that the British government which is billing Britain as a trading champion, should have problems exporting the most basic items. I sincerely hope that this state of affairs is resolved soon. Even gin, according to Spanish TV, is in short supply!