“The champage is very much on ice as regards to next summer...” | Josep Bagur Gomila

The latest surge in the number of Covid cases and the new restrictions which have been introduced has put the brakes on plans for an excellent winter holiday season. The Balearic authorities had been hoping that a record number of winter tourists would be heading to our shores over the winter.

First, the exceptionally wet weather in November poured a bucket of cold water on the whole issue and then the rise in Covid cases and the restrictions all but ended the winter dream. It is a great pity, really, because Palma looks great and very festive. The restrictions introduced by the British government (PCR test on day two and then quarantine to you get the result) has effectively grounded British tourism to Mallorca.

The latest surge in cases has been a cruel reminder that we are not out of the woods yet and the euphoria that we felt at the end of last summer has rather come to a halt. It will also mean that the champagne will be on ice as regards making any predictions about next summer. Just a few months ago there was talk of a return-to-normal in 2022.

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Don´t get me wrong, this still could be the case but I would say that no-one will making any forecasts until the latest Covid wave has stopped. The international travel industry will continue to suffer and Majorca as well. It is amazing how the situation can change within days.