“Communication between the local authorities and tourists is vital...” | MANOLO BARRO

The Balearic government is busy working on a new tourism plan which aims to underline the “green credentials” of local hotels. It is certainly an environmentally friendly plan with plenty of “green policies” apart from the headline grabbing proposal for hotels to be equipped with elevating beds to help chambermaids. You would have thought that the plan would include a blueprint for the future. How are the Balearics going to compete against cheaper holiday destinations? How are the islands going to deal with Covid in the future?

The list goes. I would say that the islands need to establish a direct link with tourists so that they can be informed of any new measures which have been introduced to combat Covid or other issues. I will give you an example. I remember the first day when face masks were reintroduced in outside areas. Local residents all covered up but tourists remained mask-free.

Why? Because they simply didn´t know that masks have been re-introduced. Communication between the local authorities and tourists has never been so important especially as the majority of holidaymakers no longer travel with a tour firm. The Balearic government needs to introduce a website where the visiting tourist can find all the necessary information from face masks to booster jabs.

It is a question of ‘know before you go’. Information will be the key to success, if it is provided in a clear and easy way I can see the tourist industry benefitting.