“Remember when the holiday resorts were half empty?...” | MaxPixel's contributors


Is there a danger that Mallorca could be a victim of its own success? This week I have been struck by some comments by politicians (not in governnment), about too many tourists and too many foreign home buyers and ofcourse we have too many cruise ships.

To the people (a very small number) who are making these silly statements I will ask them one simple quetion? how will Mallorca survive A. without millions of tourists B. without foreign buyers and C. without cruise ships? You would have thought that we would have learnt something from the pandemic; resorts became ghost towns in peak summer months. Remember?

Thousands of people were concerned about their jobs and we are still not out of the woods yet. Granted that back in 2019 it could be said that Mallorca was crowded but it is only for a few weeks of the year and we do desperately need the revenue. If you walk around Palma at the moment you will notice many empty shop fronts. The reason why so many shops have been closing their doors in Palma is because of the big shortage of cruise ships visiting the port of Palma.

Obviously, the island needs to be protected and preserved but I thought that is what the money from the tourist tax was meant to do? Don´t moan about tourists, give them a warm welcome because if they go elsewhere we are in big trouble. Remember, when the resorts were half empty, we don´t want those times to return.