A passenger aircraft descends to land at Heathrow Airport in London. | TOBY MELVILLE

I guess it may be easy looking in from a distance, but it does allow for some perspective. What a complete mess the travel industry is in the UK and other parts of Europe and those at fault cannot blame Covid. Fine, there may allegedly be a new strain in the UK and cases are back on the rise, but for airlines to be cancelling hundreds of flights and airports being unable to handle the flow of passengers due to a lack of staff is inexcusable. Covid has been with us now for over two years and the industry knew that this year, millions of Britons were going to travel overseas on holidays, so what was the plan? There does not appear to have been one. But, it’s not just in the UK. A friend of mine was due to have caught a British low cost flight from Bordeaux to Palma last Saturday, two days before it was cancelled. She managed to book another flight but on arriving at the airport, found that her initial flight was at the gate.

That said, she did admit that on her alternative flight, there were not too many passengers and that some of them, like her, would have rebooked due to their initial flight having been cancelled. I wonder, is it all about staff shortages or are some airlines doing their numbers. If there are not enough passengers and fuel is so expensive right now, is it worth flying? Just a thought.