Tourists enjoy the beach. | P. BERGAS

It was being billed as the summer season which would go down on record as the best ever. After two years of pandemic, tourists just wanted to get away and Mallorca was in pole position. As we head towards peak season, doubts have started to surface about the will probably not be as good as everyone initially thought; similar to 2019, the last season before the start of the pandemic.

The island is busy but not as busy as everyone had forecast. So what went wrong? Well, nothing really. Forecasts were too optimistic and then there was all the chaos at airports and within the travel industry. The cost-of-living crisis has also meant that tourists are watching their pennies more than usual.

Now, officially nothing is being said. We are still heading for the best summer season. But slowly a note of caution has started to appear. The forecasts are excellent, say hoteliers. But forecasts are just that. Recently, I read that the tourist industry was concerned that the airport chaos was affecting holiday bookings and I suspect it has.

One thing for sure and Mallorca has been reminded of this state of affairs yet can take tourism for granted. To have a record season you had to work very hard and price is key. Mallorca faces plenty of competition from resorts in North Africa and the eastern Mediterranean and we shouldn’t forget this. All tourists need to be warmly welcomed...