Union flags are flown on Regents Street in London | CATHAL MCNAUGHTON

Millions of people will be watching the coronation of King Charles this weekend and enjoying what Britain is very good at - pomp and ceremony. But rather controversially I believe that it is an opportunity missed. The coronation on Saturday will be similar to that of Queen Elizabeth in 1953 but probably smaller.

In fact, it could be said that the late Queen Elizabeth's coronation was more ground-breaking because it was the first to be broadcast live on television. Tomorrow's event should be a celebration of modern-day Britain with a new King for a new era. I suspect that the coronation on Saturday will be a throwback to the past rather than the future and for this reason I believe that an opportunity has been missed.

Despite the criticisms and the problems of recent years, Britain is still a great country. It has plenty to offer and it has achieved many successes over recent years. The coronation parade should reflect the Britain of 2023 not the one of 1953 or even earlier. Don't get me wrong, the pomp and ceremony will be the best in the world but at a time when the rest of the world is still looking at Britain in a different light since Brexit, this was the moment to show off the new Britain. Many will say that there isn't much to shout about in modern-day Britain, but I would say that there is and it is one of the reasons why millions of tourists visit the country every year.