A group of German tourists attacked a doorman and caused damages to a bar a few weeks ago in Playa de Palma. | R.S.


On a recent rare outing to a Palma restaurant where I was not charged tourist prices, I noticed a sign stating “right of admission”, and that brought back memories of when I used to work in bars and clubs in Margate and Ramsgate in my late teens. The Londoners used to flock down on the weekends flashing the cash and there were times when we used to warn clients that they had had enough to drink and that we would not serve them any more alcohol.

Reason being to avoid things kicking off on the dance floor and also ensuring that everybody else in the joint was able to enjoy themselves without any tension. So, while tourists, especially the British, are being bombarded with campaigns and messages about being on their best behaviour while on holiday in Mallorca, how about the clubs and pubs playing their part in all this?

Why are people being allowed to drink so much they end up in a massive brawl requiring police intervention to the extent that rubber bullets were fired in one establishment in Playa de Palma just a few weeks ago?

I bet the rest of the clients had a wonderful holiday evening. The onus needs to be on everyone. By all means allow people to have a good time and spend loads of money, but sometimes there comes a point when bars and clubs should say enough is enough.