Masks compulsory from this weekend regardless of social distancing.

Masks compulsory from this weekend regardless of social distancing.

20-05-2020Jaume Morey

Face masks will be compulsory in all public places in the Balearic Islands for anyone over 6 years old from this weekend regardless of social distancing to prevent a resurgence of coronavirus.

It will not be necessary to wear a mask at the beach or when playing sports but it’s not clear whether the ruling will be changed for places where more people come into contact with each other, such as on restaurant and bar terraces or at work.

Those with breathing problems and other illnesses that could be aggravated by using a mask are exempt from the ruling.

At the moment a mask is only mandatory in commercial premises, closed spaces and outdoors when 1.5 metre social distancing isn’t possible.

Anyone caught not wearing a face mask can be fined 100 euros.

There were three new Covid-19 outbreaks on Wednesday and the Health Authorities have warned that the coronavirus pandemic is not over yet.

The World Health Organization, or WHO has said that it is possible that coronavirus could be transmitted through the air in closed, crowded and poorly ventilated places.

The Government is modifying the Decree for the new normal and it will be published in the BOIB on Friday or Saturday and face masks will be compulsory in the Balearic Islands for all residents and tourists from this weekend.


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Lawrie / Hace about 1 year

Joe, I made the reservations for lots of flights (most cancelled) last year as I own property on the island. There was no 'virus' in sight when I made the bookings. Funny how things aren't always what they seem.


James / Hace about 1 year

If people prefer to spread the disease rather than wear a lightweight mask in public then it's better they stay in their own country and spread it there!


RobertaSpain / Hace about 1 year

re the previous two comments -grow up. We have less problems here in Spanish areas than the UK. So what is wrong with wearing a mask whilst you are out and about. There are some fab looking ones in the shops here - and tops to match. I would have thought staying safe was of paramount importance. We have obeyed the rules and have very few problems - but if you intended coming here with this attitude then perhaps it is better you stay away.


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

What timing! Tourists just rocking up and now told they have to wear masks (along with everyone else). This announcement gives the feeling that it’s dangerous just to be outside. It clearly isn’t. However, it’s better than the publicity of having an outbreak that gets out of control. But still. It could be publicised better (about making us all safer).


Gazzaputt / Hace about 1 year

Crazy, crazy, crazy. Either the Balearics want tourists to visit or not.

WHO are enormous scare mongers. There is no scientific research that backs up this is airborne.


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

David Holland, LOL to your Lone Ranger comment! Funny!


Joe / Hace about 1 year

At the 2 comments, cmon now let’s be real you know the risks were their when you made the reservation. And the Lone Ranger mask comment, maybe you should consider USA for your holidays where you can go mask free . Sure masks are in inconvenience but if they do help and that’s been clinically proven.


Lawrie / Hace about 1 year

I can see a lot of cancellations on the horizon. I was set to come over for 6 weeks but not now.


David Holland / Hace about 1 year

That’s the visit cancelled to majorca It’s either safe to holiday there or not. No one is going to spend money on a holiday to be dressed like the Lone Ranger.