The terraces of the Born avenue in Palma continue to be a debating-point, and the town hall is now looking at alternatives, one of them being that they are placed to the side of the central walkway.

Joana Maria Adrover, the councillor for tourism, commerce and employment, acknowledges that the terraces will remain where they are until February and says that the town hall is opening up dialogue with those involved - restaurant owners, residents and workers.

The intention, she insists, is to find a solution that isn’t harmful to anyone and which results in beneficial change.
The problem along the Born is not one of overcrowding but of ensuring “emblematic spaces” are kept for the people of the city.

Adrover was speaking prior to a first meeting with the Majorca Restaurants Association, at which both parties agreed to work together on initiatives which reduce seasonality, such as the Tapalma fair in October. They also spoke about how to ensure that cruise-ship tourists are better informed about the city’s historic centre.