The British Consulate in the Balearics has noted that there has been a “significant decrease” this year in the number of incidents involving British nationals in resorts in Calvia: Magalluf, most notably.

This observation was made during a meeting between the Vice-Consul for the Balearics, Gillian Brion, the Vice-Consul for Majorca, Elaine Brannan, and the mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodríguez.

The meeting allowed an evaluation to be made of the season and for there to be a sharing of views as to the development of tourism in the area. There was agreement that the season has been generally free of conflict and that this has helped in improving the image of Magalluf with the British public.

A further issue that was considered at the meeting was a strengthening of ties between the town hall and the Consulate, given the importance of British tourism to Calvia and the fact that there are some 9,000 UK citizens who are permanent residents in the municipality.