The report into the legality of the process of awarding the management of Palma’s Palacio de Congresos is costing 10,000 euros and is expected to be made available shortly. Mayor José Hila says that the report, commissioned from Avelli Blasco, the professor of administrative law at the university, will determine the future of the convention centre and hotel.

Visiting the work on the Palacio, which is close to completion, Hila reiterated that if the report determines illegality in the process, the award to the Barceló group will be annulled and a new tender called for. If, on the other hand, the report finds that the process was correct, then the award will stay with Barceló, as will the valuation of 40.5 million euros to purchase the hotel (which the original award established would need to be within five years, after which interest would be added). This valuation is 20 million lower than the Palacio’s architect, Patxi Mondago, has placed on the hotel.

Hila, who said that he wasn’t in favour of the hotel being sold but would be guided by the report’s conclusions, was accompanying Mangado during his visit to the site. The architect confirmed that everything will be finished by January and added that it has been the most complex project that he has worked on, but one of which he is proud.