The Balearic Tourism Agency (ATB) is planning on spending over 730,000 euros on a total improvement of roads that comprise the cycling route from Santa Eugenia to Pollensa and which pass through municipalities along the way - Consell, Binissalem, Inca and Campanet.

The work on the roads will involve re-tarmacking them, cutting back vegetation and improving signage. In order to do this, the ATB would need licences for works from the relevant town halls and for the roads to be temporarily ceded to them, as it would be totally responsible for the work. The roads would then return to the town halls once the work is completed.

Inca is a town that is particularly affected because of its old roads to Pollensa, Muro and Llubi. Its mayor, Virgilio Moreno, has welcomed the initiative, given the town hall's latest plans for tourism promotion. "We are very interested in boosting cycling tourism, as this is something we are looking to as a means of bringing potential visitors to the town."

In addition to the cycling routes that the ATB is talking about, Inca is also in contact with the Council of Majorca in seeking an improvement to routes that it is responsible for and which pass through the town.

The cycling routes in Majorca were created during the time of the Matas Partido Popular government from 2003 to 2007 and they were for cyclist use of secondary roads. In recent years, however, there has been a lack of maintenance, something which the current government is now addressing.