The urgent meeting to consider the Geordie Shore filming in Magalluf.

At an urgent meeting yesterday, representatives of government and various business sectors gave their support to the town hall's refusal to allow filming in Calvia of anything that might damage the image of the municipality and especially Magalluf.

This followed the announcement that the town had declined a request from the producers of Geordie Shore, Lime Pictures, to film in Calvia. The meeting, attended by the regional government's tourism director-general, Pilar Carbonell, was significant in also having had representation from the local hoteliers association and from bars and clubs. Specifically, therefore, there was agreement not to permit filming on private property, over which the town hall can have no direct control.

Calvia's mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez, said that the agreement was unanimous and that there is a real commitment which shows that it isn't only public administrations that are taking the fight to anything which might damage Magalluf's image. "It is the resort which is saying no."

Rodríguez added that there was no going back on having put the "brake" on excesses in Magalluf, while Carbonell stressed the importance of the commitment from businesses. "We want a model of transformation, but we can't do it alone."