Maria Munar is already serving eleven and a half years for other corruption cases. | J. Grappelli

Maria Antònia Munar, the ex-president of the Council of Majorca, has been sentenced to three years imprisonment, having been found guilty of passive bribery in accepting bribes in return for the award in respect of the sale of the Can Domenge public land.

Munar has been in prison since 2013 for two other corruption offences, for which the combined sentences total eleven and a half years. In addition to the new sentence, she faces a fine of six million euros and being disqualified from public office for eight years.

At the end of September, she went on trial for the Can Domenge case, and a jury found her guilty without any mitigating circumstances. The anti-corruption prosecution service had called for a four-year sentence.

The court has also sentenced the former vice-president of the Council, Miquel Nadal, to one year and ten months, to the payment of a three million euros fine and to disqualification for seven years.

Another politician, Bartomeu Vicens, who was the councillor for land when the bribe was paid in 2006, has been sentenced to eighteen months, a two million euros fine and five years' disqualification.

Miquel Llinás, who was the intermediary for the payment of a four million euros bribe, has been sentenced to eight months and fined 900 euros. The businessman Román Sanahuja who consented to the payment of the bribe has been sentenced to nine months and a 19,000 euros fine for active bribery.

All of the accused except Munar admitted their guilt, which was taken into account in sentencing. Munar did not admit to her participation in the bribe prior to the trial, though in the final session of the trial she said that she was very sorry.