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Defendants at a trial in Palma, Mallorca for police corruption

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Ex-Calvia chief of police acquitted of bribery

The arrest of José Antonio Navarro in 2014 was a key step along the way to what evolved into the 'Cursach case'.

Andrew Ede17/11/2023 17:43

Alcudia town hall engineer fined for bribery


Alcudia town hall engineer fined for bribery

The engineer had asked for a "commission" for restoration work in Alcudia town.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter10/09/2018 14:18

Maria Munar is already serving eleven and a half years for other corruption cases.


Munar receives further three-year sentence for corruption

The ex-president of the Council of Majorca has been sentenced to three years, having been found guilty of passive bribery in accepting bribes

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter21/10/2016 00:00