President Armengol getting business support for the residents' discount fight.


President Armengol today got the support of the most important business voice in the Balearics for the government's attempt to prevent a change in the residents' travel discount.

Carmen Planas, the president of the Balearic confederation of business associations, told Armengol that she will write to the national minister of development, Iñigo de la Serna, and demand that no limit is placed on the discount for travel by groups and businesses.

Planas also offered her support to the government's intention to appeal the decision in the courts. "These measures are harmful for all businesses, especially small ones, and for competitiveness."

Also at the meeting was Antonio Abrines, president of the Aviba travel agencies' association, who said that there was "little rationality" behind Madrid's insistence to fix a limit on the 50% discount enjoyed by all residents of the islands. It will harm users and do nothing to prevent fraud, which has been the justification used by the development ministry.

On a separate issue, the price of air tickets this Christmas, Abrines explained that this was all due to supply and demand but added that Christmas air travel prices are "abusive" in the whole of Spain and made worse for the Balearics because of insularity.