The Soller Coll road needed to be closed. | Pere Bota


More heavy rain and high winds are forecast for Majorca tomorrow, with rainfall expected to be heavier than today.

There is an amber alert for the Tramuntana, where up to 100 litres per square metre of rain may fall in a twelve-hour period. In the rest of the island the alert is yellow, with up to 60 litres of rain forecast. Wind speeds in the Tramuntana will be 100kph or more and up to 80kph elsewhere. Highs are not expected to go above 12C.

The unstable weather will continue into next week. Rain is forecast to be lighter on Sunday, and the temperature will rise a degree. Tuesday should, though, begin to see a weakening of the cold front that has been dominating Majorca for the past week.

Today's rain was widespread and at its most intense in parts of the Tramuntana, where 70 litres fell in Lluc by midday. In Campos in the south of the island there were 40 litres, while 30 litres had fallen at the airport by midday.

The rain in the Campos area led to the closure of two roads because of flooding: the MA-6031 and MA-6040. The MA-3021 Montuiri-Pina (Algaida) was also closed, as was the MA-3300 Sineu-Petra. A fifth road, the Soller Coll MA-11A, was closed because of a landslide.