Spring in Majorca. Temperatures, remarkably enough, are expected to rise as the season goes along. | Julian Aguirre


Spring, according to Aemet, will be a touch warmer than usual while rainfall will be normal. During the season, the agency's delegate in the Balearics says, temperatures will rise bit by bit. (Get away!?) The average spring temperature is 18 degrees. The rainfall average is 93 litres per square metre.

This spring will therefore be like any other spring. There will be temperature variations in the first half, which could even mean the odd frost. In the second half there will be occasional rainy and chilly days but also possible heat waves.

March has so far been very dry with 91% less rainfall than normal. The average temperature has been 1.4 degrees higher than normal. A cold front will affect the Balearics tomorrow, when rain is likely. Temperatures over the weekend will drop but recover again on Monday. Looking ahead to Easter, the Aemet forecast is for highs of 20 degrees and lows of seven. Rain will be possible at any time but most likely on Good Friday and the Saturday.